Juliet Capulet
Juliet Capulet
Olivia Hussey as Juliet in the 1968 of the Shakespearan tragedy.


Juliet Capulet






Stabs herself

Juliet Capulet is the female lead of Romeo and Juliet. She was portrayed by Olivia Hussey in Romeo and Juliet (1968).


Although Juliet Capulet is normally portrayed as older in the films, she is supposed to be thirteen in the play Romeo and Juliet.


Juliet Capulet is close with her nurse but has issues with her parents due to her wanting to marry Paris, a wealthy count. She loves her cousin, Tybalt Capulet, but has mixed feelings when Romeo Montague kills him. On the other hand, she desperately wants to marry Romeo Montague, who she is madly in love with.


Juliet dies at the end of the play when Romeo kills himself after believing Juliet to be dead (due to a harmless poison in her system that makes her appear dead). When she wakes up from a coma-like state, she sees Romeo dead and stabs herself with his dagger.


"I'll look to like, if looking liking move;But no more deep will endert mine eye Than your consent gives strength to make it fly." - Juliet Capulet, when her mother asks her is she will love Paris.


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